Revamped Ease Is Here!

Revamped Ease is here! The system you know so well functions the same, but has been enhanced for a better benefits experience. Impress your groups with cutting-edge software, help employees enroll in benefits faster, and strengthen client relationships.

Here are some important dates & details to keep in mind!

March 16: All users will see Ease’s updated interface when they log in. Videos, help desk articles, and marketing materials will be updated too.
March 16: Our website will become You can still access your account via your company’s URL, but you’ll be redirected to the version.
March 19: As a company, Ease will announce our updated interface and name change to the public.

Here are some of the enhancements:

Email Templates: Create and save templates for messages you repeatedly send employees about their enrollment status, documents that require signatures, and logins.

Enhanced Dashboards: Quickly access key information like recently viewed companies and enrollment progress. Global search allows you to search for companies and employees by name.

New Navigation: A better, guided workflow for you and your groups to complete common tasks.

Refreshed e-signatures: Employees sign once, and apply the signature to all required signature fields before form submission.

New & Improved Help Desk: Step-by-step solution overviews to help you learn the system and get answers to your common questions

EaseConnect: Directly submit enrollment data from Ease to a variety of carriers:

Allstate Benefits
Blue Shield of CA
Colonial Life
Covered CA
Anthem Blue Cross
Oscar Health

We have several resources to help introduce you and your groups to revamped Ease. Check them out below:

Watch: Revamped Ease Webinar Series

Watch our recently hosted Revamped Ease Webinar Series, showing a 45-minute presentation and demo of the updated system.

New Logos

You can download the new Ease logo and replace it with our old one on any of your materials.

Broker Materials:
Information about the revamped Ease.

Broker Info Page

Learn about the upcoming enhancements on our revamped Ease information page.

Email Template

An email template for you to use to communicate the changes to your groups.

Employer Materials:
Employers can learn more about the change with these resources created just for them.

Employer Video

Explore the new interface. The same functionality you’re used to, with a new look.

Employer Info Page

Help your groups learn more about the upcoming enhancements on the employer information page.

Employer Flyer 
A brief flyer introducing the revamped features for employers and employees.