Employer Resources

Employer Resources

Be the Go-To Online Enrollment Expert That Your Groups Are Looking For!

Want to show prospects and clients how easy benefits management can be with Ease? Do they sometimes resist new technology? Streamline your open enrollments and get your next B.O.R. letter signed faster by sharing these easy-to-follow resources.

Employer Enablement

Resources to help your groups get the most out of benefits administration and HR with Ease.

Brochures, videos, and guides to download and share with your groups!

Ease Employer Brochure

Show your prospects and your groups that aren’t on Ease what they’ve been missing with this brochure.  There’s never been a better time to digitize your book of business than right now. And this brochure is the perfect...

Why Enroll Online? (Brochure)

The “Why Enroll Online?” flyer is designed to educate your groups about online enrollment. This is a great resource to send to groups who are not using Ease or have questions about how online enrollment...

Ease Employer Video

Ease has a brand new video to share with your clients and prospects about making the switch to a simplified benefits and HR solution. This short video gives employers an overview of what Ease is, how it works for them...

Video: EaseHR

Take a look inside EaseHR and learn how employers can modernize their HR processes and increase employee engagement with features like time-off tracking, a Company Directory, and Metrics. EaseHR uses the same login...

Beyond Online Enrollment With Ease

This guide is designed to educate employers on everything Ease can offer them, from payroll integrations to time-off tracking.

Download the Guide
You can create a co-branded version of this guide in Ease. Learn more. 

Employer Engagement

Not enough time or resources to market to prospects or stay connected to your HR Admins throughout the year? No problem!
Leverage these helpful resources to stay top of mind with your HR Admins throughout the year!