Employer Success Stories

Employer Case Studies To Share With Your Groups

Groups like yours are finding that they save time, have swifter workflows, and even have happier employees after switching to Ease. Take a look at our recent success stories and share them with your groups.

Employer Spotlight

“Ease is easy to use, very user-friendly, and also saves me time.”

Enrollment Progress Made Easy

“It is convenient, accessible, and easy to learn. It makes my job easier and helps me manage difficult tasks during busy times like open enrollment.”

HR & Benefits Technology

“It’s been a great experience for us, there is no going back now.”

Switching To A Broker That Offers Ease

“The efficiency that Ease brought to our organization is irreplaceable. It’s eliminated the possibility of any vital mistakes. Company-wide, Ease has been organizationally changing for us.”

All In One Solution For HR & Benefits

“I was so amazed at the fact that when an employee requests time-off in Ease, that information is relayed back to TRAXPayroll.”