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Learning Resources

Become the Ease expert you’ve always wanted to be!

You’ve got the industry’s best benefits and HR software, so what’s next? Explore these easy-to-follow resources to learn how to sell and demonstrate Ease.

Group Build Walkthrough PDF

Take the guesswork out of group builds in Ease, and download this step-by-step PDF walkthrough supported by visuals to guide you through simple and complex group builds alike.
Download the Group Build PDF today!

Active vs. Passive Enrollment PDF

How can passive enrollment put employers and employees at risk? Is active enrollment truly better than passive enrollment? And why is active enrollment successful with Ease? Put your enrollment strategy under the...

Sales Enablement Tools

Everything You Need To Deliver A Great Pitch!

Have an important meeting coming up soon? Leverage Ease’s Sales Enablement Tools to make your next pitch the one best ever!

Customizable Ease Slide Deck

Need to explain the value of Ease? Want to walk into a meeting with a prospect prepared to win new business? Get prepared by downloading this Ease PowerPoint presentation. This slide deck includes information about...

How To Sell Ease 101

Information to help you sell your clients and prospects on the Ease solution. As an Ease broker, you know the key benefits of our system: Grow your business, protect and strengthen your client relationships, and...

How To Demo Ease 101

Everything you need to know to demo the Ease experience.  Whether you’re talking to prospects or current groups, we understand it can be difficult to illustrate the employee experience in Ease — until now. This 101...

Insurance Broker vs. PEO 101

Talking to your groups about the differences between working with you versus a PEO. Introduction An increasing number of American businesses are exploring Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). Your groups are...

Lead Generation

Book More Meetings with These Tools

Not enough time or resources to market to prospects? Using best practices and tried-and-true personalized marketing tools, these resources will help you book more meetings and convert cold prospects to loyal clients.

Employee Testimonial Flier

Sure, you can explain the benefits of Ease to your groups…but what if they want to know what employees like theirs think of using Ease? Now you can show them. Ease has more than 2.5 million employees elect their...

My ROI Calculator

Get My ROI Calculator! Generate leads and book more deals with My ROI Calculator! Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3: Complete this form to request a unique link to your My ROI Calculator. Remember to use the...