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EaseConnect+ Broker Success Stories

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Prospero Benefits

Like the name implies, Ease is easy, streamlined, and gets better every week. Because of the positive experience we’ve had with the Principal connection, as soon as we hear Ease has a new carrier connection, we’re going to set it up, no hesitations.” – Daniel Forman

HUB International Insurance Services Inc. – Santa Barbara

Using this connection has helped improve our client relationships. With this connection, we’re demonstrating how we’re working smarter and leveraging all the resources on our clients’ behalf. The clients also love using the connection as there is no additional work needed on their end.” – Jennifer Nickel

Core Benefits Insurance Services

Emotionally, the fact that I don’t have the stress of having to follow up on enrollments with Guardian is priceless. It gives me peace of mind because the connection is accurate. It makes an absolute difference.” – Andreas Gershkoffte

Bolton & Company

The biggest benefit of this connection is that it’s given us peace of mind. With this connection, we’re now able to spend time focused elsewhere, and not have to train our benefits staff. The automation really makes it so much more simple. Additionally, it has served as a selling tool. It allows us to go out and say, ‘Oh, you have Principal? We have a solution for you.'” – Jenelle Valiquette

Abbot Benefits Group

Transitioning groups to Ease increases participation for ancillary products. Everyone fills out medical because they all need it. You don’t need life insurance; but it’s nice if you have it. But if it’s there and all your information is there and all you need to do is click enroll it makes it easier and drives the participation.” – Jason Boldt

The Henehan Company

This connection benefited my groups, but it really helped me the most. Normally I spend 4-6 hours per day on enrollments, but now everything is complete in two clicks. One click and the entire group’s data is pushed over.” – Matt Colburn

WA Group

With the connection, the process has been easier, quicker, and more accurate. It saves us time, and there are fewer mistakes to correct. It’s been really easy to use. – Amanda Johnson

Tailored Worksite Services

With the time I’m saving with the Guardian connection, it frees me up as the owner to think of ways we can better service our clients. I would not have had time last year to help my team think through something like setting up virtual enrollments during a pandemic. – Jeff Finn

Bennie Health, Inc.

Ease’s ability to create connections like the one they’ve built with Guardian is one of the many reasons they continue to lead in the Ben Admin space. When we’re given tools like the Guardian connection, it allows us to better serve and support our broker partners across the country. – JT Minogue