Ethos Term Life Insurance



Ease and Ethos, an insurance company using predictive analytics and big data to issue personalized policies, are working together to make it easy for you to offer term life insurance.

Ethos has made the enrollment experience for employees quick too. Employees are introduced to Ethos either during benefits enrollment or year-round from their Ease employee dashboard, upon login. Then, employees only have to answer one question in Ease before they can see their personalized quote.

Contact for more information.

Product Features
  • Increase your commission effortlessly without spending a minute on plan setup or administration.
  • Offer policies that take into account an employee’s life holistically, leading to lower costs, easier access, and portability.
  • Give employees quick, affordable coverage that protects their families.
Integration Features
  • During enrollment, employees will learn about Ethos term life insurance.
  • Applications are submitted in Ethos and coverage begins in as little as seven days.
  • Ease pays you commission on every single employee who enrolls in Ethos from Ease.
How to Activate

To get started, visit the Marketplace in your Ease account, or contact