2022 SMB Benefits & Employee Insights Report

Help your clients make smart decisions instead of gut decisions by downloading the 2022 SMB Benefits and Employee Insights Report.

We’ve recently released the industry’s most in-depth — and anticipated — report featuring priceless insights from more than 2 million employees and 75,000+ employers in Ease. These annual insights and trend lines are specific to small- and medium-sized businesses based on robust data. This year’s report will help guide conversations with current clients and prospects throughout the year.

Download the 2022 SMB Benefits and Employee Insights Report to arm yourself with the insights to help offer data-driven recommendations and insights for your clients.

  • We have analyzed the data from 2,000 insurance agencies, their 75,000 clients, and more than 2.5 million employees. 
  • We’ve extracted new industry trends and gleaned insights into how the SMB benefits adjusted and evolved in 2021.
  • The report is a study of SMBs across the country — from doctor’s offices to restaurant groups — that focuses on trends from the last four years, allowing you to benchmark against premium costs, contribution data, shifting plan makeup, and more.

Download the Report 

Josh Gregg