ACA Resources for 2021–2022

Help your groups avoid IRS penalties and fines with these helpful ACA resources!

When it comes to the ACA, it can be tough to keep up with ever-changing rules and regulations. And since ACA filing is only due once each year, you may need a refresher on how to activate ACA with Ease for your groups.

We got you covered.

Your groups turn to you for an ACA compliance solution, and you need to be prepared to help them avoid IRS fines, determine healthcare eligibility for all of their employees (using their benefits data already in Ease), and more.

Ease ACA Videos for 2021–2022:

  1. ACA Overview
  2. How to Enable ACA with Ease
  3. Setting Up ACA with Ease
  4. ACA Reporting and Filing with Nelco
  5. How Ease Populates the 1095 ACA Form

ACA Flyers:
ACA Fact Sheet
ACA with Ease (for you)
ACA with Ease (for your clients)
ACA Employer Reporting Guide from Benefit Comply

ACA tracking is included in your subscription level. And once ACA with Ease is set up, it’s only $6 per report (you or your groups can pay, it’s up to you).

*Ease is not responsible for reporting mistakes.

Josh Gregg