ADP Workforce Now


Ease and ADP Workforce Now have partnered to make payroll and benefits easy for your groups.

With this integration, your groups can eliminate duplicate data entry, seamlessly update employee records with demographic changes and benefit deductions, and easily maintain accurate payroll data.

Integration Features
  • Employees added in ADP Workforce Now get added to Ease.
  • Automated, daily, changes-only demographic data synced from ADP Workforce Now to Ease and daily deduction data synced from Ease to ADP Workforce Now.
  • HR admins can run changes at any time with the push of a button.
  • Deductions from open enrollment or any other benefit changes are automatically sent to ADP Workforce Now throughout the year, no matter the month.
  • Employees can add dependents and make other changes to their plan and see the change in the appropriate pay period.
How to Activate

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