Alliance Direct Benefits


Are your groups looking for valuable benefits, such as telemedicine, at an extremely affordable price? Alliance Direct Benefits (ADB) is the solution for small businesses, self-employed, families, and more.

For as low as $13 a month, Alliance provides industry-leading, no co-pay telemedicine services, including 24/7 doctor access with board-certified physicians via phone or app. Additional services include legal and travel assistance, ID theft resolution services, plus college scholarship and grant programs.

Product Features
  • Employers can offer employees several tailored benefits, including 24/7 doctor access (telemedicine).
  • Additional available plans cover legal assistance, emergency roadside assistance, ID theft resolution services, global emergency assistance, alliance scholarship program, and career education grant program.
Integration Features
  • Plans can be added in Ease and employees can enroll in those plans directly in Ease.
  • The enrollment data can be submitted to Alliance in Ease. The first submission is completed in Ease, and scheduled reports with changes will be automatically sent on a regular basis.
How to Activate

To get started, visit the Marketplace in your Ease account. ADB will then approve your request. After approval, you can then add ADB plans via the Plan Library. After enrollment, enable ADB in the Marketplace and follow the Marketplace Setup Wizard to begin the integration.