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With our Guardian connection, you can easily add and manage dental, vision, and worksite insurance plans for new groups as well as groups with existing business. EaseConnect+ saves you the hassle of submitting paper forms to carriers and streamlines the enrollment process with our direct carrier connections. Use EaseConnect+ to deliver a better benefits management experience for your clients and their employees. 

Hundreds of brokers just like you are finding success with the EaseConnect+ Guardian connection. Here’s how the connection is working for Andreas Gershkoffte from Core Benefits Insurance Services:

“It’s nice to not have to worry about generating and sending forms to the carrier. The connection has also been instrumental for one of our groups. They are a 300+ group that made a financial decision to use Ease primarily based on their ability to enroll employees on Guardian via the connection. Now, they have peace of mind with this connection.”

Starting March 1, 2021, Guardian is releasing an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) API update. Moving forward, employees can complete Evidence of Insurability in Ease during the benefits enrollment process.

Connection Features:

  • Included in your subscription.
  • Works with groups of any size.
  • Available for new and existing business.
  • Adds, changes, and terminations automatically sent to Guardian weekly.
  • Ease works with your agency to set up and manage your Guardian connection.

EOI API Features:

  • Starting on March 1, you will no longer need to manually select and submit EOI forms with the Guardian EaseConnect+ connection (except for plans used in NY and NH). The US EOI form will no longer be available for use.
  • Employees requiring an EOI will be presented with the questions on the Ease system during the enrollment experience. 
  • All employees will be immediately notified if their coverage is approved, or if further review is needed. 
  • Any pending EOI decisions will be sent from Guardian to Ease and updated in the employee’s profile. In addition, employees will receive a letter/email from Guardian advising if additional coverage was approved or declined.


  • Groups must have an established account structure before setup.

Optional Legacy Data Mapping Engine:

Optional Legacy Data Mapping Engine with Guardian is available for a $.50 per enrolled employee per month (PEPM) per carrier cost.

If you have new groups with Guardian plans, please use the form below to submit your group names and policy numbers, within 30 days of initial enrollment date. Legacy Data Mapping Engine usage will appear on your invoice in the month following initial enrollment in the plan if a carrier connection has not been established.

If you have existing groups with Guardian plans, please use the form below to submit your group names and policy numbers as soon as possible to initiate setup of the EaseConnect+ connection. Or, you can get in touch with your CSM to start building a timeline for connecting. If you choose to continue using the Legacy Data Mapping Engine you’ll see billing starting on your next monthly invoice.

It’s easy to get started: 

  1. Complete our short form 
  2. Ease will take the lead in setting up your connections, and will reach out to you for necessary details.
  3. Enjoy your best enrollment season ever with EaseConnect+!

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