Ease Onboarding


With your help, employers can give employees a flawless first day with Ease’s online onboarding. HR admins can create and send offer letters, ensure completed and signed W-4 information, I-9 forms, and direct deposit information, and store it all securely in the cloud.

Product Features

  • Collect direct deposit information.
  • Collect I-9 information, W-2, and W-4 forms.
  • Track whether employees have reviewed or signed required documents.
  • Create and send custom documents, like offer letters, with an option for e-signatures.
  • Notify employees about documents that need to be reviewed with document notifications.

Integration Features

  • Syncs with Ease Online Enrollment.
  • Employees can add emergency contacts directly in Ease.

How to Activate

To get started, visit the Marketplace in your Ease account.