With the Ease and Sedera integration, offer a non-insurance solution for managing large healthcare costs. Inspired by the modern sharing economy, the Sedera model centers on member-to-member sharing. Sedera medical cost sharing members support one another’s financial and physical health by sharing burdensome medical expenses.

For questions about Sedera, please visit sedera.com/affiliates.

Product Features

  • 24/7 Telemedicine
  • Member Rewards
  • Rx Marketplace
  • Expert Second Opinions
  • Compassionate Member Advisors
  • Low Monthly Costs
  • Freedom from Networks

Integration Features

  • Plans can be easily added in Ease.
  • Employees can enroll in plans directly in Ease.
  • Adds, terms, and changes will be directly sent from Ease to Sedera on a regular basis.

How to Activate

To enable Sedera, click the enable button below. The Marketplace Setup Wizard will walk you through the steps to begin utilizing the integration.