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Streamline your next open enrollment with the VSP connection.

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With our VSP connection, you can easily add and manage vision plans for new groups, as well as groups with existing business. EaseConnect+ saves you the hassle of submitting paper forms to carriers and streamlines the enrollment process with our direct carrier connections. Use EaseConnect+ to deliver a better benefits management experience for your clients and their employees.

EaseConnect+ is trusted by major carriers and thousands of brokers to manage enrollments and changes for hundreds of thousands of employees.


  • Connection included in your subscription.
  • Works with groups of any size.
  • Available for new and existing business.
  • Adds, changes, and terminations automatically sent to VSP weekly.
  • Ease works with your agency to set up and manage your VSP connection.


  • Groups must have an established account structure before setup.
  • For existing business, please fill out the VSP Authorization Form.

It’s easy to get started: 

  1. Complete our short form.
  2. Ease will take the lead in setting up your connections, and will reach out to you for necessary details.
  3. Enjoy your best enrollment season ever with EaseConnect+!

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