Word & Brown 


Ease and Word & Brown have partnered to provide brokers with tools to quickly and efficiently manage groups with 2-250 employees.

Integration Features

  • Word & Brown Will Set Up Your Groups – Submit your new business through Word & Brown and they will help you transition your clients to online enrollment so that you can focus on growing your book of business, this includes complex case setups where employee classification is necessary. Leverage Word & Brown’s dedicated staff to help you and your team get up to speed with ease.
  • Word & Brown Rate Libraries – Access to all Word & Brown plan rates are available through Ease to quickly and efficiently build your groups. The Word & Brown Library populates simple employee on-screen enrollment education and guidance, provider directory links and Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC).
  • Submit Electronically – Avoid having to key in spreadsheets to submit enrollments. Word & Brown offers the option for you to submit enrollments directly to them through Ease’s electronic submission feature.
  • WBQuote and WBQuote Lite Integrate With Ease – With a few clicks, you can transfer quote data including group, census, carrier plan benefits & rates as well as contributions and eligibility directly and conveniently into a new group set up.

How to Activate

To get started, enable the Word & Brown tile from your broker marketplace.

Julianne Bartlett