APA Benefits Inc.


With this integration, easily offer your groups and their employees APA Benefits Inc. products, which can be designed to meet each group’s needs. Products offered include COBRA, direct billing, FSA, LFSA, DCFSA, HSA, HRA, and commuter plans. Additionally, multiple funding options are available for the Health and Welfare plans that APA Benefits Inc. administers.

For more information, please email Janice Collins at [email protected].

Product Features
  • Dedicated service team— service team to provide compliance guidelines.
  • Innovative technology—lets your employees access their benefits through the mediums they prefer.
  • Custom benefit approach—very plan is designed for the groups’ needs.
Integration Features
  • Plans can be added in Ease.
  • Employees can enroll in APA Benefits Inc. plans in Ease.
  • Enrollments will be sent from Ease to APA Benefits Inc. on a regular basis.
How to Activate

To get started, visit the Marketplace in your Ease account. APA Benefits Inc. will then approve your request. After approval, the Marketplace Setup Wizard will walk you through the necessary steps to begin utilizing the integration for each group.