Ease and Apprize have integrated to make benefits enrollment easier for businesses and employees through automated enrollment solutions for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Utilizing this service means all of your relevant, updated demographic and enrollment data is securely and automatically communicated from Ease to your preferred carriers every week— without manual data entry.

Product Features
  • Apprize offers full-service products that include all the technology, service, and support your clients need to succeed.
  • Quickly and efficiently implement and run benefits administration systems for any client.
Integration Features
  • Apprize Technology receives demographic and enrollment data for employees and dependents through Ease’s automated, custom files
  • Enrollments are added and changed in Ease by administrators and employees
  • Changes made in Ease are sent securely to Apprize
  • Apprize Technology automates data into the carriers’ required file specifications for ongoing automatic communication of new enrollments, terminations, enrollment changes, and demographic changes directly to the carrier.
How to Activate

To get started, please visit https://www.apprizetechnology.com/edi/ to review documents related to pricing and FAQ along with an EDI Request form.