Colonial Life

Colonial Life Carrier Connection:

Easily offer Colonial Life insurance products through EaseConnect

Ease’s connection with Colonial Life will eliminate the tedious paperwork associated with voluntary benefits enrollment.

Hear from one broker on how the Colonial Life connection has streamlined their experience:

“Now that we use the Colonial Life connection in Ease we have drastically cut down on our workload as our groups are able to enroll in all the benefits on one system, our plan admins are able to get deductions whenever they want, and the terms are sent automatically from Ease to Colonial Life’s home office.” – Stephanie Kugler, Enroller, Colonial Life Delta District


  • Included in your subscription.
  • Enroll groups with just a few clicks.
  • Employees can view the cost per pay period for Colonial Life plans during enrollment.
  • Plan eligibility and enrollment occur directly in Ease through the Colonial Life connection.
  • Employees can access their approval results and costs immediately.
  • Colonial Life Plan information can be accessed directly, 24/7. 
  • Employee contributions are also populated automatically in Ease.
  • Employee enrollment occurs directly in Colonial Life’s system via Ease.


  • Groups must have an established account structure before setup.

To get started, enable Colonial Life in your Marketplace. Then, enable the connection for each group you would like to use the connection for.

Connection Resources: