With our Decent connection, you can easily add and manage small group medical plans for groups based in Texas.

Decent helps small businesses in Texas band together to access the financial benefits of a self insured health insurance offering, with the peace of mind of a fully insured plan. 

If you need to make an appointment with Decent, click here.

Product Features
  • No medical underwriting
  • No annual cap on coverage 
  • Plans centered around Direct Primary Care (concierge medicine with no out of pocket costs to members) 
  • HSA eligible options 
  •  $0 medical deductible plan options 
  • Low (40%) required participation threshold
  • Pricing at 40% below comparable fully insured options
Integration Features
  • It is available for new and existing business.
  • You can submit required enrollment data to Decent via Ease. 
  • Changes can be made in Ease, and any adds, changes, and terminations will be automatically sent to Decent on a daily basis. You can view when submissions are approved or denied in Ease. 
  • Use the Decent Rate Library inside of Ease to quickly set rates and configure eligibility information, start dates, and other details. 
  • Because plan data is submitted directly to Decent, employees receive ID cards faster.
  • Only available for groups based in Texas.
  • Groups must have an established account structure before setup.
How to Activate

Enable Decent in your Marketplace. Then, enable the Decent for each group you would like to use the connection for.