Employer Driven Insurance Services, Inc. (E.D.I.S.), offers a full line of products for small, medium and large employers including HRA, MERP, Level-funded MERP, ICHRA, Level-funded Stop Loss, MEC portfolio, and a complete line of ancillary products. Whether it be fully-insured or self-insured dental, vision, Section 125, COBRA, group term life, telemedicine, or compliance services, E.D.I.S. has you covered.

Product Features

  • ERISA-compliant HRA plans
    • Level-funded MERP​
    • Individual Coverage HRA 
  • Excess loss level-funded stop loss plans
  • ACA-compliant MEC portfolio
    • MEC plan
    • MEC value
    • MEC+
    • MVP next gen
    • Hybrid plan
    • Buy up stop loss RBP
    • Buy up stop loss PPO
  • Fully insured DPPO/DEPO dental plans
  • Fully insured prepaid DHMO dental plans
  • Self-insured dental plans
  • Self-insured vision plans
  • Fully insured VSP vision plans
  • Group term life
  • Telemedicine
  • Section 125 / FSA

How to Activate

To get started, enable the E.D.I.S. marketplace tile in your Broker portal. Then enable the E.D.I.S. marketplace tile in the company portals. The final step is to complete the setup wizard in any of the company portals that have been enabled. 


E.D.I.S. Forms
E.D.I.S. & Ease Broker Instructions