eBenefits Network


Integrating eBenefits Network’s Carrier Connectivity allows your groups easy access to eBN’s automation solutions connecting Ease to your preferred carriers. eBN’s automated and proprietary Carrier Connectivity allows you to connect the employee data in Ease, with the relevant data accurately transferred onwards to the appropriate carrier. This ensures each carrier has access to relevant and updated information, while saving you the hassle of repetitive and tedious data-entry that is prone to human error.

eBenefits Network’s Benefits Reconciliation tool can help you reduce unknown overpayments and time spent scrutinizing carrier invoices. eBN’s tool automatically pulls data from the Ease platform and matches it with your carrier’s invoice, and within seconds provides you with a user-friendly report with drill-downs on any employees that have a mismatch.

Product Features:
  • User-friendly portal for implementation and production tracking, secured communication hub, resource center with drill-down technology.
  • Track invoice status, adjustments and credits with detailed reports for benefits
  • Automatic and pre-scheduled data transmission with the ability to send a file off-
    schedule manually.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Data aggregation for groups with data on multiple platform.
Integration Features
  • eBN receives demographic and enrollment data for employees and dependents through Ease’s API integration.
  • As enrollments are added and changed in Ease by administrators and employees, Ease ensures all changes are then sent securely to eBN. eBN then formats the data into the carriers’ required file specifications for ongoing automatic communication of new enrollments, terminations, enrollment changes, and demographic changes directly to the carrier.
How to Activate

Please email [email protected] to enable this integration.