Ease is integrated with Lively to provide your clients with a truly seamless way to offer and manage a health savings account (HSA).

Experience an HSA solution that actually delivers. From fast and agile implementation to reliably automated payroll deductions, Lively and Ease bring refreshing simplicity to HSA administration, with zero hidden fees. And Lively’s dedicated team of HSA experts will be with your clients every step of the way.

Product Features
  • Lively combines decades of experience and modern technology to help you deliver better client outcomes.
  • Paperless onboarding, easy payroll syncing, and an intuitive dashboard ensure a seamless experience.
  • Your clients are paired with a dedicated point of contact for everything from onboarding to off-boarding—regardless of company size.
Integration Features
  • HSAs with Lively include a less than five minute set up.
  • Funds in a Lively HSA are all FDIC-insured, so the more money employees save, the more they earn.
  • Brokers can add Lively plans in Ease.
  • Submit enrollment data to Lively directly from Ease.
  • Adds and changes are sent to Lively on a weekly basis.
How to Activate

To get started, visit the Marketplace in your Ease account. Lively will then approve your request. After approval, you can add Lively plans for the appropriate groups. Following enrollment, you must enable the data feed for each group for which you’d like to submit data.