Paylocity Flexible Benefits


Paylocity Flexible Benefits is revolutionizing the TPA industry with technology that has never existed before — creating a truly convenient and unified employee experience. Make it easier for your groups to offer the most appealing flexible benefits in today’s competitive labor market, with regular file feeds from Ease to Paylocity.

Product Features
  • A breadth of flexible benefits offerings to appeal to today’s modern employees — HSAs, FSAs, COBRA, POP, HRAs, and TMAs.
  • Smart debit card – Give employees instant access to their elected funds on a single card. No paying out-of-pocket and no hassle.
  • Employee self-service – HIPAA-compliant, intuitive user interface allowing participants to engage with benefit accounts and funds.
  • Employer admin – HIPAA-compliant portal empowering administrators to manage account offerings easily and efficiently.
  • Convenient mobile app – Check balances, submit claims, upload receipts, access eligible expenses, receive notifications, and more on the go.
How to Activate

Enable Paylocity Flexible Benefits in your Ease Marketplace. Then, enable the Paylocity Flexible Benefits connection for each applicable group.