With the Ease and Smylen integration, you can offer your groups flexible and engaging dental coverage. Smylen works alongside existing dental plans or as a stand-alone coverage option and has zero participation requirements or qualifying criteria. Smylen will guide employees through the process of finding a dentist, scheduling appointments, making payments, and more.

Smylen’s friendly team is available to create customized collateral and run product demos for your clients.  Reach out to them at partnerships@smylen.com.

Product Features
  • Flexible for any organization: (1) voluntary (2) employer-sponsored or (3) employer contributions to be used towards dental treatment 
  • No participation requirements or qualifying criteria.
  • Works alongside your existing insurance plan or as a stand-alone option.
  • Available to your entire team regardless of their employment status, part time workers (1099), full time workers (W2) and alumni
  • Commissions: $3 (individual plan) + $5 (family plan) PEPM
Integration Features
  • Quickly add and set up Smylen plans in Ease via the Smylen Plan Library. 
  • Submit required enrollment data to Smylen via Ease. 
  • Any adds, changes, and terminations will be automatically sent to Smylen on a weekly basis.
How to Activate

To get started, enable Smylen in the Ease marketplace, then the Marketplace of the groups that wish to offer Smylen. The Marketplace Setup Wizard will then walk you through the necessary steps to begin utilizing the integration for each group.