COVID-19 Broker Resource Kit

In the blink of an eye, the world has changed—the challenges we face today are unlike anything we’ve experienced. We get it, that’s why we’ve created the COVID-19 Resource Kit. With Ease by your side, you can protect and digitize your book of business and have confidence in the face of uncertainty.

  1. Brush Up On Your Ease Knowledge
  2. Resources To Help Introduce Ease To Your Clients
  3. Resources To Help You Reach Out And Stay Connected To Your Groups
  4. Additional Products To Help Your Clients Navigate This Challenge
  5. Resources To Help Your Clients During COVID-19
  6. We Are Here For You

Marketing Resources

Remember, you are your clients’ trusted advisor. In the months to come, it will become increasingly more crucial for you to connect your clients with digital solutions that empower them to protect their employeesand their bottom line. Your groups will continue to become dependent upon digital solutions that empower them to conduct business and meet their employees’ needs. 

With these resources, you will be prepared to help them navigate change, protecting them while protecting—and even growing—your book of business. Where other brokers hesitate, you will be poised to win new business with clients who demand virtual benefits and HR solutions.  

With Ease as your technology partner, you will have confidence over chaos. Our suite of online tools can help you empower your groups to weather the storm. From onboarding to telemedicine, from time tracking to digital employee directorieswhatever your groups need to succeed in the coming days, Ease has the solution.

Brush Up On Your Ease Knowledge

Need a refresher on quickly deploying Ease? This resource includes links to our complete series of broker training videos, short videos on setting up groups and plans, uploading employees and more. Easily find step-by-step solutions for common Ease questions 24/7. 

Bring Your New Groups Online

  • The Broker Training Series
    This is a comprehensive video training course. Reviewing each video will give you a great refresher on “How To” Ease.
  • Adding Groups and Plans Video
    This brief video will show you how to add your groups and manually add employees.
  • Importing Employees Video
    If your group is larger than 6–8 employees, it might be faster to import them from a spreadsheet. This video shows you how easy that is!
  • Rate Quoting
    With this feature, you can quickly generate quotes and present them virtually to prospects and clients. 
  • Employee View From Broker
    With this feature, you can see what an employee sees during enrollment directly from your login, making it easy to answer employee questions from wherever you are.
  • Setup Assist (Enterprise Subscribers Only)
    Ask your Customer Success Manager about how Ease’s team of experts will build your groups, plans, and more. Setup Assist reduces the time it takes to bring your groups online with Ease.

Get Your Existing Groups To Do More Online

  • Annual Benefits Contribution Report
    Help your groups calculate the benefits portion of their total payroll costs—a number they need to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program—with Ease’s new Annual Benefits Contributions report. This report includes required data by employee for all Plan Types. Reports are available for all years currently in Ease.
  • Company Status
    Many businesses may temporarily close due to COVID-19 but reopen again in the near future. Company Status allows you to mark a company as “Inactive,” keeping their data securely stored for when they are open for business again.
  • Email Templates
    Create email templates for easier communication to employees about logins, company documents review, enrollment progress, and ACA eligibility.
  • TODOs and Tasks
    Check out the TODOs and Tasks Video and this simple overview of how to manage tasks.
  • Document Library | Custom Documents | Document Notifications
    Instructions on how to add and organize documents and links.
  • Creating Custom Documents
    How to create a custom document to add to company document libraries.
  • Renew Plans
    Economic challenges and uncertainty may mean businesses don’t want to explore new plan options next year.
  • HR Management
    • Ease Human Resources Products
      With groups unexpectedly faced with the challenge of having a distributed workforce, now more than ever, they need the right technology solutions. Check out how our HR partners can easily streamline and digitize an employer’s HR processes.
  • Ease Agency Community
    Whether you have a challenge you need help with or some insights to share, more than ever, this is the time to support and be supported by your fellow brokers.

Resources To Help You Introduce Ease To Your Clients

Short videos and marketing assets to make it easy to talk with your clients about Ease.


  • How to Sell Ease 101
    A step-by-step guide to help you convince all your existing groups to use Ease AND use Ease as a valuable system to win new business.
  • How to Demo Ease 101
    Whether you’re talking to prospects or current groups, we understand it can be difficult to illustrate the employee experience in Ease — until now.
  • Employee Onboarding 101
    Everything you need to know to help your groups implement a successful onboarding strategy.


Resources To Help You Reach Out And Stay Connected To Your Groups


  • Agency Digital Marketing Guide
    There’s no better time to take your groups online than right now. Read this guide to get the knowledge to successfully build and implement a digital marketing strategy to help your business grow and succeed.
  • How To Increase Participation In Voluntary Benefits
    Our latest guide covers beneficial topics such as the advantages to offering voluntary benefits, how to easily offer these benefits with Ease, and several strategies to drive high participation in VB plans.


Additional Products To Help Your Clients Navigate This Challenge

Are your clients suddenly faced with the challenge of having a distributed workforce seemingly overnight? How can you help them rapidly accommodate the new norm of supporting an entirely remote workforce? Now more than ever, your groups need a broker partner who will connect them with the right technology solutions. Ease Marketplace Products offer up the right solutions at the right time.

  • Building A Complete HR Solution With Ease
    This guide will review what makes the perfect broker-employer relationship, the technology that enables that, and how to build a complete HR solution with Ease.

    • EaseHR ($1 pepm for the broker to enable)
      EaseHR can help streamline your HR processes. With the same login and employee information from benefits enrollment, you can manage all of your HR processes in one place.
    • Onboarding (included in your Ease subscription)
      Create and send offer letters, ensure completed W-4s and I-9s, and digitally collect signatures for policy documents.
  • Telemedicine (Resources For You)
    Many PCPs are closing their offices amid COVID-19 care; this is a frightening time for many who may not have a PCP but are worried about exposure in the ER or Urgent Care.

    • Get Ahead Of The Crowd With Telemedicine
      This guide will help you get ahead of the curve with telemedicine, gain the knowledge necessary to offer it to your groups, and establish it as part of your standard benefits offerings.
    • Telemedicine Email Marketing Campaign
      To notify your groups about Telemedicine, click Notify My Groups
    • Ease Telemedicine Partners
      As technology evolves, access to healthcare is also changing. With our telemedicine marketplace partners, your groups can easily access a wide range of medical professionals and medical services all from the comfort of their own homes.

We Are Here For You

Through the good times and bad—thick and thin—we appreciate your business and we are committed to your success no matter what. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there’s anything we can do for you.

Thank you!